One of the most numerous and influential organisations acting on the global communications market. IAA is a world-wide strategic partnership of top managers of the leading advertisers, agencies, mass-media and universities.

The IAA network is active on the 5 continents, the International Center of the Association is located in New York.

The IAA includes over 4000 individual and corporate members from 70 countries (with the national branches active in 63 countries).

The IAA puts forward and supports on behalf of the industry large initiatives, is the only global industrial partner of the UN in its communication campaigns, possesses a unique professional knowledge base, forms and supports the industry self-regulation institutes. IAA actively defends the right to  commercial free speech against unwarranted limitations and restrictions of advertising, works in the sphere of GR-communications on the state regulation issues.

The IAA Global Congresses and the Summits are held in different countries since 1949. In last 30 years the congresses have taken place in the largest business centers of the world.

Upon the initiative of the Russian Chapter of the IAA with the support of the FAS of Russia and the  Government of Moscow in May 2010 the 42nd IAA World Congress took place in Moscow. In September 2007 and October 2014 in Moscow was held the IAA Global Ad Summit.