Business programBusiness program

The participants of the Summit are expecting an extensive business program.

The key topics of the Summit include:

Self-regulations, regulation and issues of ad restrictions

Social communications and social responsibility

Trends of media and investment in digital economy

Brand of territories and communication support for its development

The future of ad agencies

The latest insights about ad technology and creative

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Educational programEducational program

Under the statement ‘Education and training are the investment in people’ the International Advertising Association implements its educational projects. Education is  one of the priority areas of the IAA work. For the Summit in St. Petersburg, the experts of the IAA in cooperation with Russian specialists have developed a special educational program that includes theoretical and practical parts.

The theoretical part is a round table called ‘Timely updating of the professional knowledge architecture’ dedicated to relevant questions of specialized education.

The practical block includes master-classes and lectures from the speakers on the topics of the IAA Summit for young professionals, candidates and students of the leading universities in St. Petersburg.

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Cultural programCultural program

Developed specially for the Summit taking into account the suggestions from the International Advertising Association (IAA).

The IAA Summit cultural program allows to visit the remarkable historical places of interest of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs, get acquainted with the revolutionary and modern city. The excursions will be available to the delegates and their family members during the whole period of their stay. Individual excursion tours can be organized on demand of the participants to have a better immersion into the unique environment of the cultural capital of Russia.

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summit venue

We draw your attention to the fact that since the Presidential Library has a status of the Presidential institution to enter the premises of the International Ad Issues Summit you will need not only the badge issued after the accreditation confirmation, but also a passport.

The Presidential Library

3 Senatskaya square

Russia’s cultural breakthrough in IT sphere is the Presidential Library - the First electronic national library of Russia. Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library is the institution of new generation. It operates using the up to date technology.

The mission of the Presidential Library is to preserve, increase and allow an access in electronic environment to national cultural heritage, related to the theory, history and practice of the Russian statehood. The digital database of the Presidential Library contains over 500 000 documents.

The Library is situated in the historical center of St. Petersburg in the building of the saint Synod. Conference and multimedia halls, equipped according to the most recent standards will become the main platform for the plenary session and key panel discussions of the IAA Summit.

The press-center of the IAA Summit will be organized in the electronic reading hall, it will be equipped with the workplaces for the accredited journalists and technical means for live video feed from the conference-hall.