Timely updating of the professional knowledge architecture (Round table)
Timely updating of the professional knowledge architecture (Round table)

September 27

"Day 0"


(with a coffee break)


Within the round table, the experts will discuss relevant topics of specialized education. Particularly, the following questions will be discussed ‘Which competences are becomingleading in the modern market;How should the educational infrastructure look and how to transform the existing one? Which steps should be taken to ensure the development of online education and distance education for students and professionals who want to improve their skills or gain new specialization according to the "Digital Economy" program of the Government of the Russian, as well as the implementation in Russia of the priority project called "Modern Digital Educational Environment".



Hungarian Council for Self-Regulation in Advertising (RT), General Secretary

Vladimir Evstafiev

Communication Agency "IMA-press", President

Russian Association of Communication Agencies (ACAR)

Vice-President, Chairman of the Committee on HR and Professional Education


Hungarian Advertising Self-regulatory Board, ÖRT – the Hungarian SRO, Secretary general